In the Moscow premiere of the film "Happiness - it's ... Part 2"

On Wednesday, March 20, at the cinema "Karo October 11", the premiere of the film "Happiness - it's ... Part 2"

The painting, created in a unique Disney project "Happiness is…“, предназначенного для поддержки начинающих российских кинематографистов, выйдет на широкие экраны 1 апреля 2019 года. Как это было четыре года назад, когда в кинотеатрах выходила первая часть проекта, фильм Disney “Happiness - it's ... Part 2"It will be released in a unique rolling format - anyone can view the film for free in cinemas across the country.

I, in turn, want to thank the whole team and of course the cast of the project!

Working with you has been a pleasure: comfortable and easy, there is always quite important and necessary!

We are waiting for everyone in the cinemas of the country.

Sincerely, Natalia Gneushev.

Вышел трейлер драмы "Дикая Лига"